The Impact of Technology on Relationships


Technology and its advancements can be either good or bad for us. With all of this new technology, many new options are available, and wisdom helps us choose wisely. 

You can do many things that are not wise because of technology. It gives us entertainment and communication possibilities around the clock. But it would be foolish to accept these alternatives without any restrictions.

 At last, you would waste time that would have been better spent another way. At worst, you can expose yourself to harmful mental influences that harm your ability to think clearly. Also, you lose your precious relationships by spending most of your time on technology for various purposes. 

To save your relationships and enjoy them at the highest, you will have to limit the interference of technology between you and your relationships. Dietrich Institute is dedicated to helping people save their relationships and use technology when needed. 

Let’s discover how the excessive use of technology harms relationships and leads to their destruction. 

Effects of Technology on Your Relationships

Technology may have made your life simpler, but it also has the potential to negatively affect your relationship in several ways. This would not be wrong if you say that most of relationships are destroyed because of technological advancements. Here are some ways in which technology is ruining your relationships.


This completely depends on how you use technology and let it interfere with your relationships. This has been observed in most cases that technology was the cause of the breakup. According to research, 25% of relationships were distracted because of excessive use of smartphones. 

The survey also discovered that younger technology users have improved relationships and increased conflict with their partners. Because of this, they have lost their beautiful relationships. 

Last, because of improper use of technology, partners and couples have failed to carry out their harmonious relationships. So there should be limitations while using it. 


We all want to stay updated with the latest technology. But these innovations can potentially distract you from your partner, leading to a broken relationship. 

It is a typical observation that even when their spouses were right next to them, one of the partners was always busy with their smartphones. This act will provoke your partner to feel unwanted or for granted, which might get a mark on their respect. 

Instead of wasting your time on your smartphones, you can spend valuable hours with your partners that would be a significant time spent with them. 

Before it’s too late, you need to limit the use of your phone. You must understand that relationships are important, not discovering the latest innovations. 


Communication in relationships is badly affected by technology. Because of the communication barrier, a lack of understanding is raised. Proper communication and understanding are the bases for long-lasting relationships. 

Most couples today choose to chat or text instead of sitting down to talk when they face challenges. This prevents them from connecting fully, finding solutions, or establishing a bond. 

This is completely up to you to use technology for beneficial aspects. Effective communication is important for strong relationships that can’t be possible if technology is involved. 


There is no doubt that technology has made this easier to build new connections, but it is also involved in unfaithfulness by way or the other. 

Social media, dating apps, and messaging services can make it possible for people to communicate with persons they are not currently dating while keeping these interactions hidden from their spouses. This is unfaithfulness. 

Technology spreads disloyalty in relationships, even though secretive communication and sexual encounters. It also aids in detecting betrayal through digital trials.  

Being faithful to your partner will help you have a firm and beautiful relationship. For this, you have to inhibit the involvement of technology then.  


Technology’s impact on relationships can be positive or negative. It significantly affects sexual attitudes and behavior in intimate relationships. 

On the bright side, video conversations, dating, and virtual reality experiences can support long-distance intimacy for couples.

On the negative side of technology, it exaggerates betrayal and sexual addictions that may lead to relationship destruction. Additionally, the prevalence of online pornography might result in exaggerated expectations and dissatisfaction with actual sexual experiences.

At last, excessive use of technology can cause a decline in sexual desire and physical intimacy, resulting in dissatisfaction. 


Social media also ruins relationships when you don’t know how to set time limits for your device use. Mobile gaming addiction negatively impacts relationships, causing reduced presence, attention, and disengagement.

People have left spending quality time with their families because of excessive involvement in technology. Excessive mobile gaming can also make people feel frustrated and angry, which can cause disagreements and misunderstandings between partners.

F.O.M.O. (Fear of missing out)

With the help of technology, we may display our possessions to others, including our money, appetites, romantic relationships, and family. When you feel you must have what other people are “flexing,” or you will miss out on it, you are experiencing F.O.M.O. 

Regarding the effects of technology on relationships and F.O.M.O., there are several statistics in the field of technology and relationships. A survey conducted in 2021 by the Centre for Generational Kinetics revealed that 45% of young adults and 56% of Americans think social media is responsible for the F.O.M.O. trend. 

Many people feel pressured to provide a positive impression of themselves and their lives on social media, which impacts their relationships and self-esteem. 


Without any doubt, Technology and its advancements have made our life easier, but at the same time, there are some disadvantages as well. To have strong and bright relationships, you must limit the time you use technology. Use it in the hour of need and prioritize your precious relationships over it.  

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